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Roadway Painting

Besides parking lots and garages, the roadways also have to be striped and painted. Imaging driving down the highway and there are no painted lines telling you where the exit is, or no lanes that indicate where you need to stay. It could cause a lot of accidents, which is one reason the roadways typically are painted regularly.

Final Thoughts

When you own a business and need to make sure your parking lot has the proper striping & painting, you need to call professional contractors because if you hire someone who is not, you could end up with a mess in your parking lot. Do not take a chance by hiring an inexpensive contractor with no experience because later, when they finish the job, you will no doubt regret your choice. There is a skill level needed when it comes to striping & painting.

Uses for Striping & Painting

Perhaps you have been in a lot or on a roadway when the curbs were not painted, they are very difficult to see at night and often you may go right up on the curbs, which is why it is important for them to be painted so that people do not run into them. Moreover, handicapped spaces are vital to those that cannot walk long distances or are wheel-chair bound, imagine going to a business and there be no designated handicapped spaces, this can cause a tremendous burden on those that really need them.​

​Moreover, the paint that is used needs to be up to high standards so that it does not chip and fade after just a few months, which is why you need to make sure you hire professionally licensed and bonded contractors to do the work. In addition to the curbs and lines being painted properly, their also needs to be the arrows, numbers, and the No Parking indicators. Additionally, the speed bumps in parking lots needs to be colored so that cars do not fly right over them at night, which can cause damage to the vehicles as well as injury to the driver because some of the speed bumps are very big.

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Striping & Painting

Striping & Painting Importance

If you have a business, the first impression potential customers have is your parking lot, which means if you do not have the proper striping & painting, no one knows where to park and it can cause a lot of confusion especially if you have many people in and out of your business daily. Imagine going to the airport parking lot and there were no parking lines, it would create a mass confusion with everyone just parking where they wish. Therefore, having striping & painting for your business is vital to make a good first impression.