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How is the Sealer Applied?

The seal coating can be applied either by spraying it on or with a squeegee. Typically, for smaller areas, a squeegee is used, but for larger roadways, the spray would be used with specialized machines and vehicles. Both methods are effective to use when applying the sealer. Moreover, the sealant does not make the roadways slippery because it is mixed with sand normally, which means there will be no slipping once it has dried.

Why Seal Asphalt in the first Place?

While asphalt has some great qualities about it because of its ability to stick and is waterproof, it still has some drawbacks. Because of the many chemicals used in the asphalt mix, weather can greatly reduce the overall life of the asphalt and begin breaking down the molecules in the asphalt, which is why the seal coating is so necessary because it protects the asphalt from these weathering conditions and makes it last many years longer than it would without the seal coating. Roads that have not had the sealant are noticeable when the black asphalt turns to a grayish color, but the sealant protects this and keeps the asphalt black.

Seal Coating

Seal Coating

Seal Coating or what is sometimes referred to as sealcoating is a tar-like emulsion that is placed over asphalt pavements, which helps to protect it from the harsh weather conditions. It protects the asphalt from moisture, heat, and cold. You can think of the seal coating on the aspect the same way as you apply a sunscreen to your skin before heading out into the hot sun. The seal coating is a protestant to make the asphalt last much longer.

When is the Seal Coating Added

Inexperienced contractors will often want to add the seal coating immediately after the asphalt has dried, but this is not the best time to add it. In fact, it should not be added until the asphalt has cured, which means that it is allowed to get the excess oils to dissipate via oxidation. This typically, means that about three months after the asphalt has been laid, then the seal coating should be laid.

How Often Should the Seal Coating be Applied

Typically, the seal coating needs to be every one to three years, but this depends on the amount of traffic on the roadway. The more traffic on the road, the sooner it should be sealed. Moreover, it is best to lay the seal coating when it is not too hot outside, which protects it from scuffing. The seal coating takes about 48 hours to dry and many times if the roadway is very busy it may be applied overnight toward the weekend to allow it to dry before the weekend traffic rush begins.