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Many jobs using concrete call for it to have some added color to the mix, for instance, if you want your driveway to have some added color to it rather than the typical gray color of concrete, color can be added to spruce it up and make it match your home. Moreover, many of the underground pipes and sewers are made using concrete, because it is hard and resilient to any kind of weather conditions. Often concrete is used to build fences around homes and businesses, which makes the fence stronger and lasts longer when its foundation is concrete.

Finally, concrete has many uses from small residential jobs to large construction and roadway jobs. The key is having a company that knows how to work with the concrete, because this makes a huge difference when the product is finally laid. Concrete continues to be a very popular choice for constructions, roadways, buildings, and residential uses because of its strength and longevity to withstand the blazing during the Houston summers.


Types of Concrete

When it comes to concrete, there are many different types and all have their place, but need to be used in the proper setting. Regular concrete is the term used to describe the concrete in bags that you can generally find at home improvement stores. It typically is a mixture of cement, crushed stone, and sand that makes for a smooth surface, such as for your basement or driveway. There is also the mix design concrete, which is a combination of cement, aggregates that include fine and course materials, and chemicals.

Next, there is the high strength concrete that can hold up to 6000 pounds, which means that it is used for jobs that require extra strong concrete for various jobs. It is made by reducing the water to cement ratio and many times silica fume may be added to the mix to keep it stronger and less likely to create crystals that can form over time. When you have a job that needs cement, you want to hire a company that knows the various types of cement mixtures and knows how to effectively use them.

Concrete Uses and Benefits

Concrete is a product that is combination of cement and some other materials that may include fly ash, and the aggregate to make the final concrete very smooth or course, which depends where it is being laid. Concrete has many uses because of the hardness once it is mixed with water because of the hydration process, which is a chemical process that happens when the water comes in contact with the concrete. Concrete is heavy and a solid material that lasts for years once it is applied to buildings, curbs, highways, and many other areas.