Where is a Chip Seal Used

You will find that the chip seal is used on rural road or roadways that have fewer than 2000 vehicles per day. It is much cheaper for the city to use the chip seals on low-traffic roads than to use asphalt to pave the entire road. Once the chip seal is laid, then the large pieces of rock can be swept away while the others are left to stick to the asphalt. Therefore, while a chip seal would not work on a major freeway in the city, they work great for country roads or side roads that do not get a lot of traffic. The city has found that they can save a great deal of money by keeping motorists safe, and by using the chip seal it keeps the roadways lasting much longer than they would have without it.​

Finally, using the chip seal is a great way to extend the life of low-traffic roadways and it is much cheaper to use than completely using asphalt or concrete on the roads. In addition, it saves motorists money because it keeps their cars from hitting large holes in the road, which can knock out the wheel alignment or do other damage to the vehicles.

Why Use Chip Seal?

It is very cost effective to use chip seals because it can maintain the roadways and rural roads of the city costing just one-fourth of what the conventional asphalt overlay costs. Moreover, by using chip seals, the city does not have to spend money to crack seal, and it provides better skid resistance for motorists. Using a chip seal prevents the deterioration of the asphalt surface from oxidation that happens with heat, sun, and water. In addition, the chip seal protects cracks from happening in the pavement because it provides a good moisture barrier. When the weather is hot in the summer month, the heat helps to reseal any cracks in the seal because it flows back together. This means that those roadways that would have begun to show signs of cracking, no longer will need repairing, thus saving the city even more money.​

Chip Seal

Chip Seal

Chip Seal Facts and Uses

Chip seal also called chip sealing is a very common way in which to extend the life of the pavement, and insure a smoother driving surface for motorists. Chip sealing uses the same makeup as concrete and asphalt, but the construction of the seal is what is different. When the roadways use chip seals, first a hot asphalt layer that is very thin is applied by spraying it to the surface of the road and then small chips are place over the asphalt. These chips get compacted, which makes them adhere to the asphalt that much better.
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