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Uses of Asphalt Millings

Often, asphalt millings will be used for residential driveways as a way to keep the dust down and it is strong enough that it will last for many years. Often asphalt millings are used as a sub-base when they are placed underneath a contained paved road. It can also be used as a surface material when a binder is applied to it, which will keep the asphalt millings in place. Moreover, the liquid asphalt can also be used with the millings and used for surface materials.

​Asphalt millings are often used to repair or even repave parking lots, but is has to have an adhesive that will bind to the millings when it is heated up. Therefore, once the adhesive is mixed, then a hot rolling machine can be used to set the asphalt millings mixture in the parking lot. By rolling it, the millings are bound to the particles and the asphalt, which prevents it from eroding and keeps the surface flat.

Asphalt Millings

To the naked eye, asphalt and asphalt millings look the same, but there are differences when it comes to strength. Asphalt millings are very fine particles that appear as dust made of bitumen and other inorganic substance that are put through the grinding machine. Typically, asphalt millings will contain up to seven percent of asphalt that is used as a binder for the other materials used such as silt, rock, sand, or stone. The asphalt millings are made via the grinding of the bituminous paving of concrete surfaces that cause the fine particles, which are then used.

Moreover, many of the holes in the roads in the city can be filled with asphalt millings as long as it has the appropriate binder added to it. This is cheaper to use than traditional asphalt and it can last for many years in keeping the roads smooth for drivers. While asphalt is often chosen for many of the big jobs, the millings can work well in certain situations, but it has to have a binding agent so that it will stay together when motorist roll over it.

​It should be noted that asphalt millings are not used for pave complete roadways because it does not last as long as traditional asphalt and therefore, is inferior in that respect, but still offer many uses for smaller jobs where asphalt is not necessarily needed. Finally, it is best to leave the asphalt millings projects to the professionals that have the equipment and experience to make the job smooth and complete. It takes knowing how to working with the asphalt millings to make it as strong as possible so that it will last for many years down the road.

Asphalt Millings